P-CCS Community Education will be following Plymouth-Canton Community Schools' most current district policies as they relate to cleaning protocols and health & safety measures. Participants in our in-person courses and leagues will be expected to follow any requirements that are currently in place, as well as good hygiene measures (such as hand washing or hand sanitizer use).

Prior to enrolling in a class, we ask those who will be taking part in in-person courses review the documents attached below. A pre-screening will be required before attending each class. Families and staff are still required to use the COVID-19 Screening Tool prior to arriving at school buildings each day and are urged to stay home if they feel sick. It is a priority that a safe and enjoyable environment be maintained for all participants and staff, so we thank you in advance for following the expecations that have been laid out. 

For  more information  and  details,  stay  posted  to  the COVID-19 Toolbox via the official P-CCS website at

Contact us at with any questions you may have.

*Please use the COVID-19 Screening Tool and read the PCCS Updated COVID19 Guidelines below before starting the enrollment process: